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VTVlive X LaLa Station Cooperation Signing Ceremony

With the purpose of supporting and promoting Korean businesses to expand operations to Vietnam market and research, cooperate & integrate the latest livestream technology solutions from Korea, VTVlive and LaLa Stations have held a cooperation signing ceremony at VTVlive's headquarters this morning - April 12th.

LaLa Stations is the leading provider of technology infrastructure, solutions and professional livestream content in Korea, regularly collaborating with entertainment stars to enhance promotion and e-commerce business for major manufacturers such as Samsung, LG... in Korea and are expanding their operations in East & Southeast Asia, including Vietnam.

This initial step of cooperation will help LaLa Stations to put its first steps into the Vietnamese market and provide VTVlive with the latest technologies, solutions and ecommerce livestream operation models to increase business value of the company's products and services.


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