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Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony between VTVlive and REAP

On the morning of April 6th, Vietnam Interactive Television Joint Stock Company (VTVlive) and REAP Technology Research, Application and Experiment Joint Stock Company - Cambridge's authorized agent in Vietnam for the Linguaskill test - signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the fields of communication, technology application, digital content & online services to provide solutions for studying, review and bring Cambridge's Linguaskill international English certification exam to a large number of Vietnamese people, with the aim of improving English ability and applying in study, work and daily life.

The event was a great success, marking a new step in the journey to open up the "unlimited learning" space of LiveUNI - Vietnam's leading online training platform, developed by VTVlive.

REAP Technology Research, Application and Experiment Joint Stock Company is the Authorized Representative of Cambridge for the Linguaskill test - an English test that uses many advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence to assess 4 listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

The Linguaskill test is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam for admission and training at doctoral, master, and higher education levels, as well as being highly applicable in the fields of recruitment, employment, and training.


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