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"VTVlive Tet 2024: Fulfillness" closing the year with many memorable changes of the VTVlive family

On the evening of January 18th, VTVlive Tet 2024: Fulfillness - The most anticipated party at the end of each year of the VTVlive family took place successfully.

VTVlive Tet is an opportunity for all company employees to gather and look back on a memorable year, but it is also a special ceremony to honor outstanding individuals and groups who have contributed to VTVlive's successes in the past year 2023.

In particular, the special episode of "Who is the OnG Millionaire" also took place right at the VTVlive Tet stage with huge rewards for the TOP 3 excellent contestants and lucky employees in the Lucky Number game.

With the enthusiastic participation of all VTVlive employees and long-time partners, VTVlive Tet 2024 took place successfully and impressively. At the same time, it left many unforgettable impressions in the hearts of all attendees, giving all employees of the company positive inspiration and confidence for a brilliant new year 2024.


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