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VTVlive's leaders participated in the Strategic Management and BSC/KPI System Building Course

Recently, the Strategic Management Course for company leaders ended after 2 days of exciting and effective learning.

Under the leadership of Dr. Phan Tat Thu, the company's senior staff learned a lot of useful knowledge, tools and worked together to apply them to their work at VTVlive.

The course includes 18 main topics: 6 lessons on Development Strategy, 6 lessons on building BSC/KPI and 6 lessons on Protecting the action plan that is actually built for VTVlive. Although the time spent participating in the Course is not long, with the spirit of serious learning, curiosity and the ability to apply knowledge effectively; The Leader Club team has initially accessed new tools to quickly innovate and professionalize the working process at VTVlive. From there, together we create an increasingly strong and developed team.

We would like to sincerely thank the Organizing Committee, the HR department and congratulate the Leader Club for having an effective course.


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