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"VTVlive Internship Program 2023" officially kicks off

On August 25th, VTVlive officially brought job opportunities to 30 students from FPT University through an internship with many unique experiences.

"VTVlive Internship Program 2023" - An uniquely designed program specifically for university seniors and those who have no experience but are passionate about developing a career in the field of media and digital technology.

The internship program combining theory and practice will bring many opportunities, experience and comprehensive development to students across the country. After becoming an intern at VTVlive, students will be able to participate in work and training at departments and centers under VTVlive.

During the training process, in addition to providing general knowledge and necessary skills, interns will be closely evaluated to promptly train, foster and award the Best Intern with Total prize value is up to 50 million VND. At the same time, you can freely participate in sports and bonding activities every week with VTVlivers. At the end of the training process, students will have the opportunity to be officially offered a job at the Company.

We hope the 4 months of internship at VTVlive will be memorable and a solid foundation for FPT students to step into the future.


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