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"Reaching Wonders" - An unforgetable voyage to celebrate VTVlive's 11th anniversary

On July 11th-13th, all VTVlive staff joined together to participate in the "Reaching Wonders" cruise with many memorable activities.

The trip lasts 3 days and 2 nights in Ha Long Bay with a series of events including: Gala Night 'Reaching Wonders'; After Party 'Music Night in the Clouds'; Team Building 'Reaching Wonders, full of excitement' and the cruise 'Reaching Wonders' took place successfully and received the enthusiastic response of all employees of VTVlive.

Thank you to the Board of Directors of the company for creating such a meaningful trip. Thank you to all VTVlive staffs, organizers & performances, from the people in charge of the program directly to the people behind the scenes who have always been enthusiastic and made efforts to create a complete trip, filled with happy moments and personal imprints that make up the VTVlive brand.

The voyage "Touching the Wonder" to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the company's establishment has officially ended, but perhaps the memories of July 11th this year will still be imprinted in each VTVlivers. This will definitely be a big push to create an increasingly cohesive and stronger VTVlive in the future.


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