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VTVcab in collaboration with Afreeca TV to launch Interactive livestream application "ON Live"

The special Closed Beta Test (CBT) event of OnLive - VTVcab's livestream platform in collaboration with AfreecaTV took place on July 21, 2023 with great success.

CLOSED BETA TEST has helped the OnLive project test the stability and evaluate the existing features of the platform. Moreover, collect user suggestions and comments about the interface, user experience and other aspects of the platform.

In addition, within the framework of the Closed Beta Test event, the OnLive project successfully organized a series of impressive livestreams with top KOLs of the LCK season such as Manh An, Manh Meo, HyNam, Cau Vang, ... and MINIGAME OnLive Confetti online to connect users.

Therefore, this is a very important event in the process of perfecting the product of the OnLive project in particular and the whole VTVlive in general. Therefore, in order to contribute to the success of this event, it is indispensable for the contribution and support from all employees of VTVlive.

Congratulations to the OnLive project with a successful CBT event, which promises to be the perfect stepping stone for an impressive launch of the platform!


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