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Rules and Policies

Article 1. Introduction

- These VTVLiveID Terms of Use are the agreement between you and VTVLive regarding the use of your VTVLiveID account and/or VTVLive's products and services.

- When using VTVLive's services, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and VTVLive's information privacy policy. Therefore, please read these terms carefully, especially those that disclaim or limit VTVLive's liability. In case you do not agree to any of these terms, please stop downloading or attempting to use any VTVLive’s services.



- VTVLive's services are very diverse, so for a particular service (the services you use), additional terms of service and/or separate terms of use may apply (including the age requirement to use the service). In this case, the additional terms and/or separate terms of use of such services will become parts of your agreement with VTVLive if you use such services.



- The services provided to you may be provided by VTVLive itself and/or its affiliates. In case the service is provided by an affiliated company with VTVLive, these terms of use will also apply between you and the affiliated company providing that service.

Article 2. Age Requirements

- To create your own VTVLiveID account and use VTV Live's services, you must ensure that you are fifteen (15) years old or older. In case you are under the required age, you need to get permission from your legal representative (a parent or a legal guardian) to register and use a VTVLiveID account. You need to ask your legal representative to read and agree to these terms.

- In case you are the legal representative and you allow your child/ guarded person to create and use a VTVLiveID account and/or VTVLive's services, you must abide by these terms and be responsible for responsibility for the actions and activities of your child/ guarded person in such services.

- VTVLive's services may have different age requirements for use in order to comply with Vietnamese laws, for example: services for all ages, services for people from twelve (12) year-old or older, and the service is for people who are eighteen (18) year-old or older or age requirements for using the service (eg. : players under the age of eighteen (18) must not play G1 video games for more than 180 minutes within 24); Therefore, in order to use these services, you need to consider the recommendations regarding the age of service, the length of time you are allowed to use the service and make sure you or your child/ guarded person is old enough as instructed by the service provided. VTVLive reserves the right to refuse to provide services to you at any time if you or your child/ guarded person has not met the age requirements or used the service for more than the prescribed time.

Article 3. Registration for VTVLiveID

- To register for VTVLiveID, you need to create "Username" and "Password" on VTVLive's system.

- You have the right to choose your Username. However, the Username you choose must ensure:

- Do not overlap with the Usernames that have been registered before; VTVLive will notify you when the Username you choose is duplicated;

+ Does not match or resemble (I) country names; (II) names of great people, national heroes; (III) names of leaders of the Party and State in different periods;


+ Does not contain characters or content related to religion, politics, pornography, or content that violates the law and Vietnamese fine customs;

+ Do not contain offensive, provocative, or disruptive characters or content against any organization or individual;

+ Do not contain misleading characters or content that indicate that your VTVLiveID account is an administrative account, or created by VTVLive and/or its affiliates to administer and/or customer service.


- Password is the “key” to login to your account; Therefore, it is your responsibility to store and keep your password information secure and not share it with anyone.
In any event, if you notice or suspect that your account has been logged into against your will, you may (i) immediately change your password and/or (ii) notify VTVLive and carry out necessary procedures to temporarily lock your account in order to minimize your losses in accordance with VTVLive's customer complaint support process. VTVLive hereby reserves and disclaims any liability for any damages (if any) you if your password is exposed in any way.


- According to the provisions of Vietnamese law, you need to provide the following information to be able to use the services of VTVLive and/or companies associated with VTVLive:

+ Full name:

+ Date of birth:
+ ID card/Citizen ID card/Passport number, date of issue, place of issue:
+ Contact address:
+ Email address:
+ Contact phone number (if any):

- In case you are under fourteen (14) years old and do not have an ID card/Citizen ID card/Passport then your legal representative must decide to register personal information of their own to show their consent and take responsibility before the law for this registration.


- In case you do not provide or provide incompletely or inaccurately the above information, it may limit your access, use of the service or ensure your legitimate rights and interests. In some specific cases, VTVLive may suspend the provision of services to you without prior notice until fully and accurately received the above information in accordance with regulations.

- In order to ensure that the personal information provided by you is always updated accurately and completely, VTVLive's system allows you to update your personal information at any time, at your discretion. From time to time, the type of information is updated and depends on the availability of services, technical systems and policies of VTVLive. This update of personal information may take effect immediately, VTVLive will notify you specifically when you update information. You should note that, when receiving and dealing with any complaints, claims or requests for support from you, VTVLive will base on your personal information which was updated and recorded by VTVLive’s system at the last time to identify VTVLiveID account holder. Any personal information provided by you before the update will not be valid.


- The registration for VTVLiveID account, from time to time, can be done by using other social networking accounts such as Facebook, Google, etc. However, you should note that, in case you lose, have your social network account used to create your VTVLiveID account revoked or have any login problems with the account, you will not be able to log in to your VTVLiveID account; In this case, you need to contact the social network management units or company for support.

- Your use of social network accounts to register and create VTVLiveID as specified in Clause 4.8 above is considered as your consent to grant VTVLive and/or the company associated with VTVLive the right to use the information of the linked account to create a VTVLiveID account. However, your use of the linked account to register and initialize VTVLiveID as mentioned above does not waive your obligation to provide information in accordance with this article.

Article 4. When will VTVLive collect personal data?

- VTVLive will/may collect personal data about You:


+ When You register and/or use VTVLive’s Services, Games or Websites, or create an account with Us.


+ When You submit any form, including, but not limited to, application or other forms relating to any VTVLive’s products and services, online or otherwise .


+ When You enter into any agreement or provide other documents or information related to Your interaction with VTVLive, or when You use Our products and services.


+ When You interact with Us, such as through phone calls (which may be recorded), mails, faxes, face-to-face meetings, social media platforms and email:


+ When You use VTVLive's electronic services, or interact with Us via VTVLive's Game, Website or Services. This includes, but is not limited to, through cookies that We may deploy when You interact with Our Games or Websites.


+ When You make transactions through Game page or Website of VTVLive.

+ When you provide feedback or submit a complaint to VTVLive.

+ When You register to participate in a contest, game or video game event or participate in promotion programs:


+ During You play the game(s) and when You submit Your personal data to VTVLive for any reason.


- The above are just some of the common cases where VTVLive collects your personal data, not reflecting all the cases in which VTVLive will collect your personal data.

Article 5. Use of VTVLiveID

- The use of VTVLiveID must fully comply with the provisions of these terms of use, the specific provisions of each specific service that you use.

- You are responsible for all activities and actions taken from/by your VTVLiveID account, including taking reasonable steps to secure your VTVLiveID account.

- The use of your VTVLiveID account must ensure to comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law. Do not violate prohibited acts (as specified in Article 6 below). Respect the rights of others, including privacy and intellectual property rights. Do not harm or abuse others (or threaten or encourage such abuse or harm) – for example: giving false information, deceiving, defaming, bullying, harassing. Do not harm, interfere with or disrupt the services provided by VTVLive

- In order to ensure compliance with the provisions of Clause 4.3 above, VTVLive may apply necessary technical measures to limit, warn infringing content (e.g. word filters) and may immediately remove your infringing content without notice.

- In case you violate any provisions of these terms of use, especially the prohibited acts and/or the provisions of clause 4.3 above, VTVLive has the right to immediately suspend your VTVLiveID account and cease to provide any/all services to you without compensation or liability to you.

- In case you do not log in and use your VTVLiveID account within six (6) consecutive months (since the last login), VTVLive has the right to lock your VTVLiveID account and delete your data. This means that (I) you will not be able to use any services where you log in with your VTVLiveID account, and (II) all virtual units, virtual items, bonus points, etc. in the services will be deleted. In this case you agree that VTVLive will not have to compensate or bear any responsibility to you.

Article 6. Collection, Use and Protection of Customer Information

- In accordance with the laws of Vietnam and in order to optimize the service provided to you, VTVLive will collect and store the following information:

+ All your personal information


+ Your information and actions in the process of using VTVLiveID and/or VTVLive’s services (eg: login time, logout, IP address, login location).


+ Information related to payment


+ Information and content that you send, receive and share in the process of using VTVLiveID and/or the service (eg: chat log, information log posted by you)


+ Information about the device you use to use VTVLive's services


+ Other information, from time to time and in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law and/or competent State agencies.

- In accordance with Vietnamese law, all your personal information and data will be stored for at least two (2) years from the time you provide the information and/or create the data. The actual storage time of your personal information and data may be longer, depending on the capacity and responsiveness of VTVLive's infrastructure. You have the right to request deletion of all your personal information and data in accordance with the provisions of VTVLive's information privacy policy.

- You irrevocably agree that VTVLive has the right to use the above information to send you messages, emails, phone calls and/or contact you by any method in order to:


+ Support and provide the best services for you (for example: account verification messages, password recovery support ...)


+ Maintain and improve service


+ Developing new services


+ Sending you information and content for the purpose of advertising and promoting the services of VTVLive and/or companies associated with VTVLive


+ Analyze and measure the effectiveness of the services you use


+ Contact you directly for the purpose of customer care, information authentication and other purposes.

- Your information and data collected and stored by VTVLive will only be used within the scope of VTVLive Group (including VTVLive and companies associated with VTVLive). VTVLive will not share any of your personal information with any third parties, except in the cases as set forth in clause 5.5 below.

- VTVLive will provide or share your personal information, data and/or other information that VTVLive stores in the following cases:


 + With your consent (for example,
you use VTVLiveID to log in and use services other than those of VTVLive Group and you agree to provide your personal information to the units or organizations providing those services)

+ At request of the Court and/or a competent State agency; or VTVLive proactively provide it to the competent State agency in case the use of your VTVLiveID account and/or service shows signs of breaking the law.

- VTVLive will take necessary technical measures to secure your information, including but not limited to (I) encrypting information according to appropriate standards, (II) setting up firewall systems to prevent unauthorized intrusion, (III) use server services, server locations at units or enterprises with high security standards.

Article 7. Other information to be collected

- As with most websites and other mobile applications, Your device sends information that may include: data about You, recorded by a server when You use the VTVLive Services. This information normally includes but is not limited to IP address, computer/mobile operating system, browser type, mobile device type, mobile device characteristics, device identifier unique (UDID) or mobile device identifier (MEID) of Your mobile device, the reference address of the VVeb Site (if any), the pages You have visited on the website or application mobile phones and access times and sometimes "cookies" (which can be disabled using Your browser preferences) to help the website remember Your last visit. If you are logged in, This information is linked to your personal account. This information is also included in anonymous statistics to help Us understand how visitors have used our Games and Website.


- VTVLive Services are provided through mobile applications that may collect accurate information about the address of Your mobile device using technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, .... We collect, use, disclose and/or process this information for one or more purposes including, but not limited to, location-based services for which You request or transmit Content that is relevant to You based on Your location or allows You to share Your location with other Users as part of the Services offered by Our mobile applications. With most mobile devices, You can withdraw your permission for Us to collect this information based on Your location through your device's settings. If You have any questions about how to disable location services on Your mobile device, please contact your mobile device service provider or device manufacturer.


- VTVLive Services may use technologies such as ARKit (Agumented Reality or AR for short), Camera API, TrueDepth API ... or similar technologies provided by the operating system of mobile devices; these technologies are used to record the user's facial expression information and for in-app features. With this information, We do not use it for any purpose other than the features provided in the application; You have the right to deny camera access for these features at any time (but you should note that, when you stop granting camera access to the app, some of the app's features won't work); and We do not store nor share this information with any third parties.

- We may sometimes use "cookies" or other features to allow Us or third parties to collect or share information that will help Us improve our Website, Games and Services Services We provide, or help Us roll out new services and features. "Cookies" are identifiers We send to Your computer or mobile device that enable Us to identify Your computer or device and tell Us when the Services or Websites are being used or accessed, by how many people and to track activities within our Site or Games. We may associate cookie information with Personal Data. Cookies are also associated with information about the content You have selected for the shopping sites you have viewed, or the games You have played. This information is used for shopping cart tracking, for example. Cookies are also used to deliver content based on Your interest and to track usage of the Services.


- You can prevent the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. Please note, however, that if You do this You may not be able to use the full functionality of our Website, Games or Services.

Article 8. Other Information Collected

- Our Website and Games may use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies, which are text files placed on Your device, to help the website analyze how users use our Services. The information generated by the cookies about Your use of the website (including Your IP address) will be sent to and stored by Google on its servers in the United States. Google will use this information to evaluate Your use of Our Services, compile reports on website activity for website operators, and provide other services related to website activity. web and Internet use. Google may also send this information to third parties where required by law, or where such third parties process information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate Your IP address with any other data that Google holds.

- Our Website and Games may use AppsFlyer, a marketing application platform provided by AppsFlyer Ltd. ("AppsFlyer"). AppsFlyer uses an SDK (Software Development Kit) placed on Your device to help Us monitor and optimize the delivery of the Services to You. Information generated by the SDK about Your use of Our applications (including Your IP address) will be sent to and stored by AppsFlyer on its servers located globally. AppsFlyer will use this information to evaluate Your use of Our Services, compile reports on app activity for developers, operate apps, and provide other related services to application performance and Internet usage. AppsFlyer may also send this information to third parties where such is required by law, or where such third parties process the information on behalf of AppsFlyer. AppsFlyer will not associate Your IP address with any other data that AppsFlyer holds.

Article 9. Prohibited Acts

- Taking advantage of the use of VTVLiveID accounts and/or services for the purposes of:

+ Against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, endangering national security, social order and safety, sabotaging great national unity bloc, propagating wars and terrorism, causing hatred and conflicts among nations, ethnicities and religions.

+ Propagate and incite violence, lewdness, debauchery, crime, social evils, superstition, and sabotage the nation's fine customs and traditions.

+ Disclose secrets of the state, the military, the security, the economy, the foreign affairs and other secrets prescribed by law.

+ Disseminating information that distorts, slanders, insults the reputation of the organization, the honor and dignity of the individual.

+ Advertise, propagate, buy and sell banned goods and services; Disseminating prohibited journalistic, literary, artistic works, publications and/or advertising other products and services without the approval of VTVLive.

+ Forge organizations and individuals and spreading fake information, untruthful information infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals.

+ Post or share content that infringes the intellectual property rights of any organization or individual.

+ Commit or aim to commit other illegal acts.

- Obstructing the lawful provision and access of information, the provision and use of services by others.

- Obstructing the operation, infiltrating or attempting to illegally infiltrate the server system of VTVLive.

- Unauthorized use of other people's passwords and codes, unauthorized sharing of private information and personal information of others.

- Creating links to illegal websites and applications which create, install, and distribute malware or computer viruses. Unauthorized intrusion, hijacking of information systems, creating attack tools on the Internet.

- Buying and selling virtual units, virtual items, reward points among service users.

- Buying, selling and exchanging (including gifting, giving) VTVLiveID accounts.

- Performing acts in order to defraud to appropriate other people's property.

- Impersonate or mislead others that you are an employee or collaborator of VTVLive.

Article 10. Intellectual Property Rights

- Some services of VTVLive allow you to share contents through VTVLive's system. For these contents, you represent and warrant that, you are the sole and legal owner of the contents, in case the contents that you share is co-owned, you warrant that you have been consented to by the co-owner and they grants full rights to you.

- With respect to contents shared by you through VTVLive's system, you agree to grant VTVLive and its affiliates VTVLive a non-exclusive, perpetual, completely free, and worldwide right to

+ Store, reproduce, distribute, communicate and use your contents.

+ Publish, publicly perform, or publicly display your contents if you have allowed them to be visible to others.

+ Edit and create derivative works based on your contents (for example, reformat or translate the contents into another language).

- With respect to the services provided to you by VTVLive and/or companies associated with VTVLive, VTVLive hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-transferable and non-commercialized right to use the services of VTVLive and/or companies associated with VTVLive.

- In addition to the right to use the service as granted to you in accordance with Clause 7.3 above, VTVLive reserves all intellectual property rights to trademarks, product source codes, images, sounds, and music, etc. in the services along with other rights relating to the services provided to you.

Article 11. Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranty

- VTVLive is committed to providing services to you within the limits of your professional qualifications and reasonable care in accordance with the law.

- To enhance the security and safety of the service, VTVLive will apply one or several technical and/or software and application measures in or next to the service; however, the application of the above measures should not be a guarantee that your account will not be lost or hacked and VTVLive is completely exempt from liability under these circumstances.

- VTVLive will apply necessary technical measures to help you get the best experience when using the service. However, in some unexpected cases, the service may be interrupted, have errors (bugs), lose or duplicate some information and/or features of the service and/or your VTVLiveID account. In this case, VTVLive will take all necessary measures (to the extent possible) and within a reasonable time to remedy and you agree to release VTVLive from all related liability.

- VTVLive will apply necessary measures in accordance with the law to protect and secure your personal information and data as stated in Clause 5.6, Article 5. However, you fully understand and agree that, no system is completely secure and resistant to all attacks, hacks, cheats. Therefore, in the event that VTVLive's system is attacked, hacked or cheated and your personal information and data is (in danger of being) exposed, VTVLive will immediately take necessary measures as prescribed by law to minimize the impact on you and you agree to release VTVLive from any related liability.

Article 12. Account-Related Support

- All issues related to VTVLiveID accounts will be supported through (i) website or (ii) hotline phone number complying with VTVLive's Customer Care and Feedback Process at the time of receiving complaints.

- All complaints related to VTVLiveID accounts and/or services must be sent to VTVLive by one of the methods mentioned above and within three (3) months from the time the problem arises; beyond the above time limit, VTVLive has the right to refuse to receive and settle these complaints.

- To make complaints, denunciations or reports related to your VTVLiveID accounts and/or the services, your account must be fully identified so that VTVLive has a basis to receive your request and contact you. In case your account has not been fully identified or VTVLive has a reasonable basis to believe that the information you provide is incorrect, VTVLive has the right to refuse to resolve your complaint or denunciation until your account Your VTVLiveID fully meets the above requirements.

- VTVLive respects user privacy and gives users control over their account. If users want to delete their account or any of their account information on our VTVLive ID page, they can contact our Customer Service for support. Note that deleting your account will cause the loss of all data associated with your account on the website, including personal information and activity history. We cannot restore the account once you have deleted it.

Article 13. Terms that allow users to delete their information and accounts on the system

- Delete information and accounts:


+ You can request to delete your information registered with VTVlive or delete your account by sending a written request or email to our Customer Care department at and directly via hotline 1900866666, and we will process the request in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and our obligations under the law.

+ However, your request to delete the information also means that we will not be able to continue to provide the services to you and we may need to terminate your current relationship and/or your contract with us and do not have to compensate you for any loss. - Request access and adjustment of information:


+ If you have registered an account with us, you can access and edit your personal data that we hold through the Account Settings page or on our website. If you have not registered an account with us, you can personally request access to and correction of your personal data that we hold or control by submitting a written request to us. We will need sufficient information from you to determine your identity and the nature of your request in order to deal with your request. Therefore, please send your written request to our email address

+ We reserve the right to refuse to correct your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the law on the protection of the confidentiality of personal information, where such laws require and/or allow an organization to refuse correct personal data in such cases.

Article 14. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

- You fully understand and agree that, in addition to complying with the terms and conditions of using your VTVLiveID account, you will fully comply with other provisions of Vietnamese law. Fully comply with the laws of the place where you create your VTVLiveID account and/or access and use the service and/or the country of your nationality. You will be solely responsible for any consequences of your failure to comply with any regulations where you create, access, use your VTVLiveID account and/or services and ensure VTVLive will not be liable to any related liability.

- Where VTVLive receives any complaints, notices or requests related to your failure to meet the above requirements and/or VTVLive has grounds for reasonable speculation based on the information VTVLive has, VTVLive reserves the right to discontinue providing the service to you (including access to your VTVLiveID account) without prior notice or liability to you and/or to block all access from country prohibits the use of VTVLiveID and/or the service.

Article 15. Remaining Terms

- This provision is applied and interpreted in accordance with the provisions of the law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on all related issues and aspects.

- In case there is any dispute or conflict between you and VTVLive that cannot be resolved in the spirit of negotiation and conciliation, you agree that such disputes will be brought to settle at the competent People's Court in Hanoi City - where VTVLive is headquartered.

- The fact that one or more provisions of these Terms of Use are declared by a Court to be invalid will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions and those remaining provisions will still be binding on you to VTVLive.

- VTVLive's failure to exercise or delay in exercising any right or remedy under these Terms of Use shall not be deemed a waiver of any right or remedy in these Terms of Use and the exercise of part or all of a single right shall not preclude the exercise of any other rights, power or remedies set forth in these Terms of Use either.

Article 16. Effect of Application and Amendment

- You agree that VTVLive has the right to amend or supplement a part or all of the provisions of these Terms of Use without your prior consent. In case you do not agree with any amendments and supplements, you have the right to terminate your use of your VTVLiveID account and/or the service before such amendments and supplements take effect; In case you continue to use your VTVLiveID account and/or the service, it will be understood that you have agreed to all such amendments and supplements.

- These Terms of Use take effect from December 6th, 2021 and supersede all previous Terms of Use of VTVLiveID.

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